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Load cell production materials mainly is aluminium alloy, stainless steel and alloy steel, Stainless steel S type load cell is made of stainless steel, made of stainless steel has a lot of advantages, first of all, is not easy to rust, can increase the service life of the sensor, the second partial load resistance performance is good and low production cost, suitable for mass production

Product Detail

1.Introduction of Stainless Steel S Type Load Cell

Stainless steel S type load cell is one of load cell used on weighing instruments.The principle of resistance strain type weighing sensor, which can convert the gravity acting on the measured object into a measurable output signal according to a certain proportion.Effect of gravity acceleration and air buoyancy at different use points on conversion. The main performance indexes of the weighing sensor are linear error, hysteresis error, repeatability error, creep, zero-point temperature characteristic and sensitivity temperature characteristic

2.Parameter (Specification) of Stainless Steel S Type Load Cell

Technical Parameter
Rated Load 15-30t
Sensitivity 2.0000±0.002mV/V
Total Error ±0.02%F.S
Creep(30minutes) ±0.02%F.S
Recommended Excitation Voltage 5V~12V(AC or DC)
Maximum Excitation Voltage 15V(AC or DC)
Zero Balance ±1%F.S
Input Impedance 380±10Ω
Output Impedance 350±5Ω
Insulation Impedance ≥5000MΩ
Safe Overload 150%F.S
Ultimate Overload 200%F.S
Operating Temperature Range (-30~+70)℃
Compensated Temperature Range (-20~+60)℃
Temperature Effect On Load ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Temperature Effect On Zero ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Construction Alloy Steel
Protection Class IP67
Citation GB/T7551-2008/OIML R60
Mode of Connection input+E: Input+ E:Red
output-S: Output- S:White
input-E: Input- E:Black
output+S: Output+ S:Green

3.Feature And Application of Stainless Steel S Type Load Cell

Stainless steel S type load cell is one of the most common sensor in the sensor, it is mainly used for measuring strain and pressure between solid, common people also called pressure sensor, because its shape is like S shape, so also known as S type load cell, the load cell using alloy steel material, rubber seal protection processing, easy to install, easy to use, suitable for crane scale, batching scales, electronic load, such as the machine change scale weighing system

4.Product Details

The details of this Stainless steel S type load cell as below We can also adjust the shape of parameters according to different customer requirements
Rated Load is 15-30t
Recommended Excitation Voltage is 5V~12V(AC or DC)
Material is Alloy Steel
Protection Class is IP67

5.Product Qualification

This is the quality system certificate of Stainless Steel S Type Load Cell

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We always adhere to the high quality and efficient attitude from production to packaging and delivery. there are quality personnel tracking and supervision In each Stainless Steel S Type Load Cell production process


1、If OEM is acceptable?

Yes of course.

2、What is your term of payment?

T/T, PayPal,L/C,Western Union

3、What is your MOQ?

There is no MOQ requirement for standard products,but custom type according to your different customization requirements, we will have different MOQ requirements.

4.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer.

5、How long is your delivery time?

According to your quantity and our production,Usually about 10 days for standard type and 30 days for customized type.

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