Product Description

High precision Electronic Floor Scale is easy to use, accurate measurement, sensitive reaction speed, easy to move, without foundationThe scale body has good automatic reset performance, which is more safe for sensor protection.Four feet height adjustable, suitable for ground weighing. Automatic zero tracking function, high precision memory, stable weighing, power saving integrated circuit, waterproof touch button, weighing meter automatically into the power saving mode more than 3 seconds, built-in battery, rechargeable, the battery can be used for about 36 hours after full charge.

Product Detail

1.Introduction of High precision Electronic Floor Scale

The scale body of High precision Electronic Floor Scale adopts the whole pattern steel, welding seal, the appearance is clean and concise, the sensor comprehensive precision is high, the interchangeability is good, the long-term stability is good, the high quality alloy steel, the stainless steel, the surface is plated nickel, the instrument has the automatic manual Angle difference correction function

2.Parameter (Specification) of High precision Electronic Floor Scale

Product Key Features
Capacity 1 ton , 1-3 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton
Display LCD white backlit disply
Material Stainless Stain +ABS environmental protection material
Load cell/Sensors High precision strain gauge sensors
Power supply AC220V

3.Feature And Application of High precision Electronic Floor Scale

High precision Electronic Floor Scale The small floor scale is suitable for use in the factory. When the product is out of the warehouse, the product needs to be weighed to facilitate the calculation of the quantity. The factory can customize the weighing small floor scale with a suitable size and weight matching according to the needs. It can still weigh container trucks, flatbed trucks, minivans and other loading vehicles. Economical and practical, moderate size, high precision, reduce errors

4.Product Details

High precision Electronic Floor Scale with excellent scale strength, high precision, can choose the instrument according to customer needs

5.Product Qualification

Our company has the following certificates, which guarantee the quality of all products include High precision Electronic Floor Scale before they leave the factory

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

The production line of High precision Electronic Floor Scale has mature production technology, experienced engineers, assemblers, quality inspectors, to ensure the quality of products qualified


1、If OEM is acceptable?

Yes of course.

2、What is your term of payment?

T/T, PayPal,L/C,Western Union

3、What is your MOQ?

There is no MOQ requirement for standard products,but custom type according to your different customization requirements, we will have different MOQ requirements.

4.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer.

5、How long is your delivery time?

According to your quantity and our production,Usually about 10 days for standard type and 30 days for customized type.

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